The example below is only one way how to set up the Relay Module.

In this examples we have connected a ESP32 to the BEVRLink Manager ESP32 V2 with BEVRLink 8 Channel Relay V1 12V. With this relay module board you need the BEVRLink Power Supply 12V 2A

Optional for a safe setup we recommend to use case for both the manager and relay boards: BEVRLink Cases


Create device in Homeassistant

This assumes that the ESPHome plugin has been installed and configured correctly.

1. Go into the ESPHome plugin and create a new device

2. Connect to the device, prepare for first use and connect to wifi

3. Adopt in Home Assistant, follow the popup instructions

4. Prepare the yaml file.



Two options

Use the homassistant to compile(won't work on a low power Raspberry 3B)

Use a PC

Install Python 3 with pip (link to Python 3)

Open a command terminal

pip install esphome

esphome run relay.yaml