How To Expand With More Relay Boards

How To Expand With More Relay Boards

If you need more relays than you find on one board you can easily connect additional relay boards. It depends of different setups, but normally you can connect 5-15 relay boards before you need to add more power.

In the following examples we use 8-channel relay boards but it works the same with all our sizes and you can mix relay boards with different channel numbers.

After the modules are powered up and plugged in, the addressing of the expansion relay boards are simple.

There are both recommended easiest ways as well as alternative ways to connect relays.

Both with extensions and without extensions we recommend to use the BEVRLink cases for protection and reliability for your setup. The cases will protect your setup and protect the user as well as they

Recommended ways to expand

Using the 5V or dedicated "Expansion relay boards"

Here is the first relay (from the left) with either 5V, 12V or 24V. The relay boards that act as extender bords are either the dedicated "Extension bords" or the 5V version.

The difference from the 5V Relay board is that the "Expansion relay board " is cost optimized without the power barrel.

Alternative ways to expand

How to connect more power

If the power LED is not active the setup needs more power. The first power inlet does not manage to supply the whole setup.

Then you need to add a relay board with a barrel connector such as the 5V, 12V or 24V relay board and connect one more power supply.

How to use the I/O cable to start a new row

Is extend many rows there might be a problem with the space in your cabinet or dedicated setup area. 

You can use the BEVRLink I/O cable to split lines to independently move the extended relay to another space.

BEVRLink 20 cm extension cable